Greenhavens Network have collated the 89 BLOGS tree related posts that we have posted in the Greenhavens Network Facebook group throughout the last year into one place below in aid of 2020 National Tree Week. #greenhavensnetwork #NationalTreeWeek

Throughout 2019/2020 we have been busy keeping you up to date with woodlands/trees in greenspaces; We have given you information on what to plant; How to plant and look after trees; How to be safe; Where to get funding from; How to connect with others; What are the pests and diseases you need to look for; What is going on locally and nationally as well as a few inspirational stories along the way!

We always welcome more stories, more people posting, through understanding and being educated about what we want to achieve, working together, we really can make a difference. We hope that the time pulling this collation of blogs together is going to be really useful for you and may we wish you have happy National Tree Planting Week. Don’t forget to let us know where you are planting and share your inspirational stories with us on Greenhavens Network Facebook group.(2) Greenhavens Network | Facebook

Climate (14)

NSW fires: Wollemi pines saved by secret RFS firefighting mission (
Managing England’s woodlands in a climate emergency – GOV.UK (
Orchards and agroforestry – big green ideas to tackle the climate and nature emergency? | Sustain (
Tackling Climate Change with Trees – Woodland Trust
‘Alarming’ extinction threat to Europe’s trees – BBC News
Emergency Tree Plan: How to Increase Tree Cover – Woodland Trust
Technology to monitor how trees can mitigate climate change – Environment Journal
Natural England publishes a new report on the state of our natural capital – Natural England (
Why Green Pledges Will Not Create the Natural Forests We Need – Yale E360
Ecological restoration now – EcoHustler
Campaign in Your Community – Woodland Trust
Global environmental changes are leading to shorter, younger trees – new study (
Ask the UK government to double tree cover | Friends of the Earth
A natural solution to the climate disaster | Climate change | The Guardian


The Dead Good Deadwood Blog: What’s so good about deadwood? (
Wild bison set to return to UK woodlands – Discover Wildlife
Bison to be reintroduced to Britain’s woodland (
Oak trees and Knopper Galls | Sussex Wildlife Trust
Tree Search – Ancient Tree Inventory (
Woodland Wildlife Toolkit (
UK Urban Tree Canopy Cover – Forest Research
How do we regenerate our landscapes? | Forestry England
Due diligence on forest risk commodities – Defra – Citizen Space
Sylva Foundation • news
Trees bring benefits to society, regardless of their origin – Inside Ecology
Some UK cities have more trees than national parks, new research – Environment Journal
The Ancient Tree Forum Podcast | Ancient Tree Forum
ConferenceTree Warden – YouTube
Urban ‘forests’ can store almost as much carbon as tropical rainforests (
Royal Mail special stamps collection | Forestry England

Family (4)

Growing back to school: one charity’s plan to encourage outdoor education – Positive News
Lockdown: The teacher using pavements as blackboards – BBC News
Tree Tools for Schools – Woodland Trust
Walk in the Woods – The Tree Council

Planting/Afforestation (17)

Right tree, right place, right reason – Forestry Commission (
How can we fit more trees into an urban landscape? Miyawaki is the future! – TCV Blogs
Ethiopia ‘breaks’ tree-planting record to tackle climate change – BBC News
Trees for the Downs – South Downs (
East Sussex College helps plant 6,000 trees in effort to become ‘carbon neutral’ | Eastbourne Herald
Woodland Trust to plant 50 million trees in 5 years – Environment Journal
Over 8,000 trees to be planted across South Downs after campaign smashes fundraising target | Forestry Journal
Tree Care Campaign – The Tree Council
How urban planners’ preference for male trees has made your hay fever worse | Trees and forests | The Guardian
New Law Requires Filipino Students to Plant 10 Trees to Graduate (
When planting trees threatens the forest | Stanford News
New woodlands can help reduce flooding risk within 15 years – University of Plymouth
People are planting tiny urban forests to boost biodiversity and fight climate change | World Economic Forum (
Land use: Policies for a Net Zero UK – Climate Change Committee (
Webinar: Growing global forests and cutting down on deforestation — Conservative Environment Network (
These Tiny Forests Could Be The Answer To Climate Change (
Sheep farmers could profit by shifting to forest, research shows – Archive – News archive – The University of Sheffield

Pests and Diseases (17)

Strict new controls to protect the UK’s trees and plants against damaging threats – GOV.UK (
Ash dieback is less severe in isolated ash trees (
Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) – Woodland Trust
Action on Ash Dieback – The ash dieback plague is spreading across the UK (
Living Ash Project Phase 2 Funding Announced – Forest Research
Threat to billions of ash trees by deadly beetle could be thwarted as scientists identify protective genes | The Independent | The Independent
Common symptoms of tree pests & diseases – Woodland Trust – Woodland Trust
City Trees: London Has New Artificial Trees That Eat Pollution (
Arboricultural Association – Tree Health Week (
Forestry Commission Digital Learning: Biosecurity (
Invasive Species Week – GB non-native species secretariat
Forestry Commission act on tree pest detected in Kent – GOV.UK (
Ash Dieback | Sussex Wildlife Trust
Deadly ash dieback disease hits Lewes – Lewes and Eastbourne Councils (
Ash dieback expected to cost British economy nearly £15bn | Ash dieback | The Guardian
Ash dieback: Killer tree disease set to cost UK £15bn – BBC News
Growing (8)
BS 8545:2014 Trees: from nursery to independence in the landscape – Recommendations £264.00 – British Standards Institution TreesourceGrow Oak Trees from Acorns – Pedunculate Oak from Seed by TCVGrowing trees from seed – The Tree Council
Selecting tree seeds for current and future climates in order to maintain productivity – GOV.UK (
Saving the nation’s trees: Kew celebrates banking 13 million seeds from UK native trees | Kew
Volunteers isolate at Highlands ‘lost world’ to save thousands of young trees | Charity Today News
The Woodland Carbon Guarantee has now launched – Forestry Commission (
It’s been a bumper year for fruits and nuts say Forestry England experts | Forestry England

Rewilding (3)

Rewilding will make Britain a rainforest nation again | Environment | The Guardian
Natural regeneration: its key role in reviving… | Rewilding Britain
From rewilding to forest schools, our attitude to nature is changing for the better | Environment | The Guardian

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