At Depot we have vastly reduce our dependency on single use plastic containers, harmful cleaning products and saving money too. Investing in the Toucan Eco system allows us to create an endless supply of multipurpose cleaning liquid using only water, salt and a small amount of electricity. It has been such a success story at Depot that it’s too good not to be shared in case others may also benefit. Apologies for sounding very sales pitchy; I can confirm I am NOT receiving any commission from the supplier I promise!

I’d say the system is most suited to medium and large sized buildings (cultural venues, schools, Universities, Council buildings, indoor public spaces etc). The company who sells them (Robert Scott) have just released a case study of it in our venue which best explains how it works.

Case Study & product website:

Helping Depot to reduce, reuse and recycle with Toucan Eco sustainable cleaning products

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Tasha Padbury, Green Ambassador, Depot