We are really excited that thanks to our funders #enjoolata our new Wilder Garden Coordinator, Jessie, is now in post to help make magic happen in our communities 🥳🤩😁

Please contact infowildergardens@yahoo.com for more information

Jessie has worked locally as a ranger and open spaces worker for over 20 years. She studied Ecology and Conservation at Sussex University studying Pipistrelle bats for her thesis. After a decade a as ranger she spent the next ten years specialising in community development and environmental education. In her previous role at Sussex Community Development Association she worked setting up community gardens, promoting wildlife friendly gardening and green wellbeing activities. She was present at the beginnings of the Greenhaven’s Network and is “thrilled” to be able to work with us again on such a timely project. Jessie is a keen wildlife gardener and a Forest/Beach School practitioner passionate about the environment. She loves sharing the wonder of nature with children and people from all backgrounds and making a difference to people and the nature.

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