We saw lots of swifts in Seaford on Saturday 😍 Thank you to David and Heather for sharing their valuable time.
There is now an emergence of a local Seaford swift group 😃, if you are happy on your walks to check the swifts are okay, count the birds etc, then please get in touch. We also need help to deliver leaflets to homes in the roads that have swifts nests
Two nests have been lost on one of the streets as the houses have been renovated and eaves and holes blocked, that was discovered today through being vigilant. The Swifts really do need our help 😢

Contact details

Please get in touch if you are happy to tell us about nests in Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford – and if you would like to help be part of a group that looks out for the nests or would like to help deliver a few leaflets at greenhavens@yahoo.com