The Climate Action Forum for Lewes District is being launched in October 2020 with support from Lewes District Council as part of its response to the climate emergency. It is co-ordinated by 3VA and the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC.

The forum aims to:

  • Support the creation of shared ideas for climate action;
  • Enable community involvement in climate action;
  • Develop an ongoing group of interested stakeholders; and
  • Maximise opportunities for feedback to Lewes District Council on their Climate Change and Sustainability Framework

We want to provide an opportunity to give voice to, support and develop projects and solutions that lie within our local communities. We recognise that many other organisations and projects are going on already. This forum is created to maximise opportunities for community voice and new collaborative action and we are clear we will not be duplicating what is already there!

We hope people from all parts of our community including local residents, parish and town councils, voluntary & community organisations, businesses, educational establishments, nature groups, and bodies with an interest in agriculture food, health and transport will all feel included and want to get involved. This includes a specific focus on involving and hearing from local young people.

Not in Lewes District? Not a problem, you can still join the forum although any projects added do need to be active in the area. If you are interested in starting a Climate Action Forum for your area or sector, please get in contact.