About the project


Seaford through to Telscombe and up to Lewes

Project Outline:

Greenhavens is an umbrella group supporting over 100 community groups that are volunteering in to bringing your green spaces to life. All of these groups are your hidden ambassadors of our green spaces, they care and look after the parks and open spaces and do everything they can to help you enjoy your time out and about, whether you are walking your dog, playing football or joining in with all the activities on offer, of which there are so many, food growing, walking, cycling, conservation task days, gardening – the list is endless and the choice is yours.
Greenhaven Network is about supporting the brilliant things that already are going on, helping them carry on in the future, ensuring we all have a green future. Enabling the groups to support each other and therefore support our communities, we know that sharing knowledge and skills creates strength and resilience.
We don’t stop at groups, we already have over 1000 members made up of groups, professionals and residents, all of whom are working together to make a difference to your green spaces. We passionately believe that working collaboratively and in partnerships will make a bigger impact to our green spaces, giving all of us a green future.

We want to make a difference to our communities, our open spaces, to wildlife. Our vision is to not only protect but also to enhance biodiversity, enabling our green spaces to teem with wildlife but not only that, we want to encourage as many people as we can to get out and enjoy, have fun in their fantastic spaces within their own communities.

Environmental Benefits

Protecting green spaces, enhancing biodiversity, improving health and well being, building resilience in our communities and mitigating against climate change

How you can help

Happy to have any help on offer in all the examples given

Who's involved

Over 100 community groups from Seaford through to Telscombe

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