About the project


Corner of Gows Croft, Kingston BN73NJ at the allotment

Project Outline:

Intergenerational inclusive project to focus on all aspects of growing food, flowers, biodiversity in a communal setting in the heart of Kingston Village.

Environmental Benefits

Brings people of all ages and walks of life together to nurture nature and create sustainable food networks, awareness and resilience of local resources and enhance biodiversity, individual and community health, through planting, growing , harvesting, preserving. Creating wildlife areas for hedgehogs, reptile, amphibians, insects and birds.

How you can help

Volunteers, funding, funding streams, tools, -trowels , hand forks, dibbers, railway sleepers/scaffolding planks for raised beds, Shed (for the tools!) fire pit, pond plants, fruit trees/cordons to espalliate, hazel trees (small!)

Who's involved

The project is open to the entire village and to the school with its 200 pupils and parents-who come from villages throughout the Ouse Valley. Kingston Action Group are leading it with a group of volunteers who have already clocked up over 100 volunteer hours in the last month.

Contact details and further information