About the project



Project Outline:

The Objective of the Project is to contribute to mitigating the climate crisis by reducing the Kingston village’s carbon footprint in a sustainable manner. Initailly, we want achieve this through:
1. Encouraging individuals to understand their own carbon footprint by undertaking an audit of energy use in the village and demonstrating how even most actions in a household can make a difference and potentially save money, and
2. Developing a local renewable energy generation project either in our own right or in co-operation with other groups in the area.

Environmental Benefits

Reducing the carbon footprint of the village through energy conservation and renewable energy generation

How you can help

We are looking for help from anyone with an interest in the project, but we particulalry need assistance with establishing and financing a Community Benefit Society, web site design, and energy auditing or energy conservation in homes.

Who's involved

The Kingston Village Action Group

Contact details and further information

Contact Tony Wheeler by email at antony.wheeler@gmail.com