About the project


Kingston near Lewes

Project Outline:

Kingston village resident Eli Amery and his mum Charlotte set up a Whatsapp group and weekly bread order during lockdown to help their neighbours get bread when all shops were shut, complete with a pedal powered doorstep delivery service.

Living in a village with no shop within walking distance, the residents of Kingston near Lewes found themselves isolated as lockdown began in March 2020. With many elderly residents living alone, the village came together through a quickly established mutual aid group and people shared information about how to get food and provisions.

Charlotte set up a weekly order with the Flint Owl Bakery in Lewes who delivered it to Eli and Charlotte’s house which was then collected mostly on foot or delivered by Eli on his bike.
The order continued until August 2020 and for many, the arrival of fresh bread and pastries was a highlight of the week during a challenging time.

Environmental Benefits

  • Avoided car journeys into Lewes – lowering CO2 emissions
  • Locally baked bread, supporting a local supplier

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Who's involved

Sixteen households and the Flint Owl Bakery in Lewes