About the project


Seaford and surrounding area

Project Outline:

“On the Verge” is a group of volunteers from the Seaford community who are passionate about improving our green pathways for people and wildlife.

All over Seaford individuals and residents’ groups are starting to care for and ‘rewild’ their local green spaces as even the tiniest space can be a haven for wildlife. The community are also making space for wildlife in their gardens.

We’ve been able to connect people so they can share ideas, support, enthusiasm, seeds and plants.

We support the councils with their plans to change their mowing regimes to create mini meadows in green spaces, and our green space ambassadors have been closely watching those green spaces for signs of increased biodiversity. We never forget that green spaces are for people too, and it may take some time and expertise to get the balance right.

We also work with schools and other community groups to improve biodiversity and spread awareness.

Environmental Benefits

Increasing biodiversity. Spreading awareness of the need to increase habitats for wildlife

Creating green corridors, across and between communities, and connections to the wider countryside and the South Downs National Park, including tree and hedge planting, wildflower corridors and improving habitat quality at local green spaces.

Enhance knowledge and skills around climate change mitigation, including support for community gardens, community orchards, schools, and other community groups.

How you can help

Volunteers are always welcome, for tasks which could include conservation work, gardening, helping at community events, marketing, art and crafts, writing and photography.

Who's involved

Supported by Ouse Valley CARES project through Seaford Community Partnership

Partners include Trees for Seaford and Seaford Environmental Alliance

We also work with schools and community groups

Contact details and further information

Website https://www.seafuture.org/on-the-verge/
Blog https://www.seafuture.org/verges-blog/
Email address dinah@seafuture.org