About the project


OVESCO is developing a number of new projects. One is to help take the rural community of Barcombe of fossil fuel heating (Oil & LPG) and electrify local heating

Project Outline:

At OVESCO (Ouse Valley Energy Services Co)

We develop community-owned renewable energy in the Ouse Valley & Lewes/Eastbourne region. We want to reduce our local carbon footprint and lower our dependence on imported energy in partnership with our local authority, stakeholders, schools, businesses and local people.

We are creating community owned renewable generation assets to make the town carbon neutral. So far in 2020 we have built over 5.25 MW towards our target of 26MW (equivalent to the 2018 domestic electricity supply of Lewes town)

Join us by investing in our projects, supporting new projects and sharing energy saving advice with friends and neighbours.

Note local energy use in our area from Government statistics 2018:

Lewes Town:
Domestic electricity: 26,000 MWh
Non-domestic electricity: 12,000 MWh
Domestic Gas usage: 91,000 MWh
Non-domestic gas usage: 31,000 MWh

Lewes District:
Domestic electricity: 176,000 MWh
Non-domestic electricity: 146,000 MWh
Domestic Gas usage: 476,000 MWh
Non-domestic gas usage: 102,000 MWh
Other residual usage: 248,000 MWh (21,000 tonnes e.g. oil for rural off gas)

Domestic electricity: 158,700 MWh
Non-domestic electricity: 187,800 MWh
Domestic Gas usage: 158,700 MWh
Non-domestic gas usage: 202,200 MWh
Other residual usage: 93,000 MWh (8,000 tonnes e.g. oil for rural off gas).

Environmental Benefits

Reduce local carbon emissions and improve air quality.

How you can help

Support from the local community especially in rural ares in-particular the Parish of Barcombe

Who's involved

OVESCO, Buro Happold, UKPN

Contact details and further information