About the project


Seaford, Bishopstone, Newhaven areas

Project Outline:

Seaford CARES is about Climate Action, Resilient Ecosystems, and Sustainability.

We are partnering with voluntary organisations, Councils, statutory bodies, authorities; partnering with people of all ages and abilities, and engaging with them to help achive real action to improve our ecology and environment.

A website is in the course of preparation but temporarily more details are at https://seafordpartners.wordpress.com/

Environmental Benefits

Linking the National Park, the Nature Reserves and the town’s green spaces. Increasing the tree population and the wildflower areas of the town. Encouraging people to think Green. Working with schools to future-proof the ideals many are already working towards.

How you can help

Who's involved

Seaford Community Partnership, Town, District and County Councils, the SDNP, local organisations.

Contact details and further information