About the project


Lewes and the immediate surrounds

Project Outline:

The Lewes Pound is more than just money. It helps to celebrate Lewes, the local community and the local countryside; support local traders by encouraging seasonal and local shopping; combat climate change by reducing transport costs and using more local producers; and keep money circulating within Lewes rather than leaking out of the local economy.

Environmental Benefits

We promote and support local organisations and activities that help to make Lewes more environmentally sustainable. In particular our 2020 new issue promotes positive action to combat climate change through the designs of three of its notes.

How you can help

We can always use volunteers to help run our projectand we also need more people to be using Lewes Pounds.

Who's involved

The directors of the CIC, the places in town that act as issuing points, the businesses that accept Lewes Pounds and the people who spend Lewes Pounds into local businesses.

Contact details and further information