About the project


Lewes Town mainly

Project Outline:

Transition Town Lewes strongly supports Lewes District Council’s aim to get the whole district to net zero carbon emissions by 2030, if not before. Look at our website for details and help with making these changes locally and in our own lives. https://transitiontownlewes.org/eight-ways-to-cut-your-carbon/
TTL was set up in 2007 to help our town transition to a resilient zero-carbon economy using the skills, knowledge and passion of local people. Projects initiated by TTL include Ovesco, our community renewable energy company, the Lewes Pound, the Friday Food Market, the Lewes Open Eco-Homes Weekends, the Lewes Electric Car Show, Litter Free Lewes and Plastic Free Lewes.
For more, see https://transitiontownlewes.org/what-have-we-been-doing/

Environmental Benefits

Enabling people to get together and work towards a low carbon future in practical ways. Examples include: people improving their house insulation after visiting Open Eco-Homes; buying more local food; growing more vegetables and changing to an electric car or bike.

How you can help

We welcome people starting new projects within the TTL framework, and we’d like help with social media.

Who's involved

We have a steering group of around eight people, plus some in groups such as Plastic Free Lewes, and more who are active on specific issues such as energy. Around 900 people are on the email list for our monthly newsletter

Contact details and further information

https://transitiontownlewes.org/ and enquiries@transitiontownlewes.org