About the project


In Newhaven and around and worldwide online

Project Outline:

Aims at vertically greening urban spaces such as walls and fences with edible plants and fruit and nut trees using permaculture food forest designs and methods. Making space for nature in cheap ways such as green direct and indirect facades.

Environmental Benefits

We hope to bring nature to people and people to nature whilst mitigating the effect of climate change, air pollution, blue grid issues such as flooding, whilst supporting food security, physical health and mental health and biodiversity.
Other expected effects are insulation and the reduction of heat islands in urban areas, therefore reducing energy costs in managing temperature.

How you can help

Pathways with council ( towns and districts)
Regulations in planning.

Who's involved

Any individual and institution or business with vertical spaces that are suitable for the project and anyone who wants to volunteer.

Contact details and further information

Tel: 07825679377